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Shoji Hawaii excels in crafting sliding shoji doors and screens, perfect for creating versatile partitions in any space. Tailored to your preferences, our doors glide smoothly on either a bottom track or hang from a top rail, offering a seamless transition. Options include ceiling-mounted top tracks or those suspended from a self-supporting open header, enhancing ventilation above the screens. As Oahu, Hawaii's exclusive shoji manufacturer, we bring unique, island-inspired designs to your doorstep. Our commitment to quality and customization makes us a preferred choice for adding a touch of elegance and practicality to homes and offices alike.
Pocket Doors and Barn Doors

Pocket Doors and Barn Doors

Discover versatile Pocket and Barn-style Shoji Doors. Our single shoji doors smoothly slide in/out of pockets or along wall-mounted rails, adding elegance and space-saving functionality to any setting.

Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobe Doors

Enhance your wardrobes with our Shoji Doors. Choose sliding doors for larger closets and space-efficient bifold shoji doors for compact wardrobes.

Closet Doors

Closet Doors

Upgrade your closets with our elegant Shoji Doors, available in hinged or bifold styles, perfect for optimizing space and style.

Shoji Screen Sizes

Customize your space with our Shoji Screens, tailored to fit perfectly. We offer a range of standard sizes, with widths at 30', 36", 40", and 48", and heights of 80", 84", and 92". For unique spaces, custom dimensions are available. Choose the perfect size for your shoji doors or screens, ensuring a seamless fit and elegant look in any room.

Shoji Wood Types

Explore the variety of wood types for your custom Shoji designs. Predominantly crafted from durable, finely-grained mahogany (Philippine or African), we also offer lighter options like beech or maple. For a personalized touch, choose from other premium woods such as cherry, walnut, koa, teak, or oak. Each wood type adds a unique color and texture, ensuring your Shoji screens or doors enhance your space beautifully.

Water Resistant Wood Finish

Shoji Hawaii's water-resistant wood finish uses a proprietary blend of oils, ideal for exterior applications. This finish retains the wood's natural beauty while protecting it in various environments like bathrooms, lanais, or exterior doors. We offer a range of finishes to suit your specific design needs, ensuring durability and elegance in every piece.

Durable & Elegant Shoji Doors: Enhanced with Glass & Reinforced Rice Paper

Enhance your space with Shoji Hawaii's durable doors. Choose from white glass or plexiglass options for extra strength, ideal for exterior use. Our shoji doors feature modern laminated rice paper, available in a robust .45 mm thickness or reinforced with plexiglass for added durability, all while preserving traditional aesthetics. The sturdy 1 3/8" door frames, crafted with mortise and tenon joints, ensure maximum strength. For soundproofing needs, our shoji doors offer effective sound dampening with an optional plexiglass layer between laminated rice paper sheets.

Track Systems

Discover Shoji Hawaii's Track Systems, featuring a proprietary oil blend for exterior durability. Perfect for bathrooms, lanais, or outside doors, it enhances wood's natural appearance. Choose from various finishes to suit your style and needs.

Wood Track

Enhance your shoji doors with our Wood Track system, crafted for smooth sliding and effortless maintenance. Tailor the track to your needs, specifying the number of screens per track for optimal functionality. Ideal for effortlessly maneuvering multiple shoji screens in any setting.

Metal Track

Opt for our Metal Track system for ceiling-hung shoji doors or screens, offering durability without needing a bottom track. This high-quality solution includes anti-sway hardware and a unique grooved design for seamless operation. Doors connect via a hidden pin and hook system, ensuring stability and a clean, unobstructed appearance.

Top Track Header

Discover our innovative Top Track Header for shoji doors, a self-supporting design that simplifies installation. It securely holds top tracks or hanging rails while allowing ventilation, comparable in strength to a truss, and requires support only at the ends.

Top Track Header

Two Doors in one Track

Maximize space with our Two Doors in One Track feature, ideal for specific installations. This design allows flexible door positioning, offering two configuration options to suit your space and style needs efficiently.

1.The middle doors butt in the center, which causes two door outer frames to meet in the middle. The door positions from left to right are back, front, front, back.

Two Doors in One Track Butt, Closed.

Doors are closed, the two identical front doors meet in the middle of the front track.

Two Doors in One Track Butt, Open.

The middle doors butt in the center, which causes two door outer frames to meet in the middle. The door positions from left to right are back, front, front, back.

2.The doors are overlapping each other. The doors positions from left to right are front, back, front, back.

Two Doors in One Track Overlap, Closed.

Doors are closed and overlap.

Two Doors in One Track Overlap, Open.

Note that when the doors are open this causes a different front view than when the doors butt in the center.

Based on your prefered configuration (overlap or butt) we size the width of the doors. When the doors are overlapping they have to be slightly wider to properly fill the opening.


Tailor your space with customizable Shoji solutions. From bifold to multifold, hinged, and freestanding, our doors adapt to various applications. We value your ideas and excel in crafting unique, innovative designs to meet your specific needs.

Shoji Lattice Templates & Examples

Explore our Shoji Lattice Templates & Examples for a glimpse into traditional and modern shoji grid designs. These patterns can spark inspiration for your custom design, adaptable to any frame size. Our expertise includes bending wood for free-form, contemporary grids. We're excited to collaborate with you to craft the perfect design for your space.

Lattice Templates

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