Sliding Doors, Windows, Pocket Doors & Wardrobe Doors

Immerse in traditional Japanese architecture with Shoji's doors, windows, and room dividers. Our shoji, made from translucent paper over wood or bamboo lattice frames, blend ancient 'washi' paper with modern laminated materials. Experience the timeless elegance and contemporary craftsmanship in each shoji piece, perfect for enhancing any space with a touch of Japanese culture and style.
Shoji Products

Shoji Products

Specializing in sliding shoji doors and screens, Shoji Products expertly crafts partitions for any space. Transform your area with style.



Explore our Gallery for diverse shoji door and screen designs, showcasing our craftsmanship and your future custom possibilities.



Shoji Repairs: Specializing in fixing shoji screens, often involving replacement of damaged 'rice paper' for rejuvenation.

Custom Made on Oahu in Hawaii

Shoji Hawaii specializes in custom-made shoji screens, doors, and panels, crafted with pride in Oahu, Hawaii. Serving Honolulu and all Hawaiian islands, we offer the added benefit of no shipping costs for Oahu residents. Experience our local craftsmanship and enhance your space with our authentic, Hawaiian-made shoji products.

Exclusive Designs

Discover Shoji Hawaii's exquisite range of hand-built, traditional and custom shoji screens, doors, and room dividers. Crafted with premium woods and papers, our versatile shoji solutions include sliding, folding, closet, wardrobe, and pocket doors. Explore our installations for inspiration. Choose from classic or bespoke designs in your preferred wood, shade, and finish, all at competitive prices. Elevate your space with our elegant, functional shoji creations.

Functional Art

Transform your space with Shoji Hawaii's functional art. Incorporate our elegant shoji screens and doors into your home or office design. Each piece features delicate wood lattice work over your choice of opaque or translucent paper, adding sophistication to any room. Perfect for walls, partitions, and doors, our shoji creations serve various purposes, blending art with utility. Enhance your interiors with these artistic, versatile shoji solutions.

Add Value to your Home

Increase your home's value and functionality with Shoji Hawaii's room dividers. Transform a studio into a one-bedroom, or a one-bedroom into two, cost-effectively. Our shoji dividers not only enhance your space's aesthetic but also improve energy efficiency by containing A/C air, reducing electricity bills, and elevating comfort. Ideal for property value boost or rental potential, these dividers offer both beauty and practicality. See article in Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Agile Architecture

Experience the versatility of Shoji Hawaii's agile architecture. Our shoji doors effortlessly create two distinct areas when closed, or one expansive space when opened. Ideal for flexible room layouts and modern living, these doors blend functionality with style.

Complete Solution

Shoji Hawaii offers a complete solution for your shoji doors, ensuring perfect installation and full trim-out. From headers above doors to supportive pillars and side panels for niches, our expert team provides tailored advice and top-tier solutions for your specific needs.

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