A barn door style shoji door and a fixed screen made out of walnut and curly maple. Hardware is stainless steel. The screen is in front of an LED lightbox that varies its colors.  Custom fitted for Alex' bathroom.

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Customize your Design

We gladly work with you to customize the wood grids to match your requirements. We have the ability to design your concept on a CAD system.


A six door design in our CAD system


A two door system design in our CAD system



The laminated paper can be printed.  We work with local painters who can paint anything from small detail to a full scene on the laminated paper.  Any digitized print can be put on the laminated paper....



A collaboration with artist Laurie Sumiye.  A 3 panel view of Diamond Head of years past named "Le'ahi".  Installed in a penthouse overlooking Diamond Head the shoji doors separate a loft bedroom from the living room below. Click here to read the whole story.


The artist, Laurie.  lauriesumiye.com

Diamond Head in the background.


Laurie's artwork for Helen




The orchid artwork is digitally transferred and printed from an original watercolor by Nikita Coulombe...


Photographic print on laminated paper, positioned in wood circle.


Custom Designs

A custom built barn door made out of solid mango wood (7 by 7 feet).


A tri-folding (accordion) door with Heliconia leaves.  Leaves are made from dark African mahogany.




Window Grid used by Petrus and Tasha 


Restoration of Vladimir Ossipoff's Cabin

High up on a ridge of the Waianae mountains sits a cabin that famous architect Vladimir Ossipoff built in the 1950's for himself and his family.  The cabin was built with more than a dozen shoji doors that all needed to be restored.  In addition, the large glass windows had deteriorated to a point that they could not be restored but needed to be replaced. The tatami mats in the tatami room had been removed a long time ago, but because of climate considerations a simple wood floor was chosen to replace them.  ShojiHawaii repaired the shoji doors, recreated the glass doors and installed a simple wood floor.

  The old shoji doors

Shoji doors in fusuma style

The old glass doors

The incredible view

Installing the doors

New floor and repaired shoji doors

New floor

New windows and screen installed